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Numerous Active Users

Used by hundreds of millions of users every day, WeChat Pay & Alipay are two most popular payment methods in China.

Multiple Payment Methods

WeChat Pay & Alipay handle all the ways users want to pay, like Quick Pay, QR Code, or Web-based.

Cross- border Settlement

Supports settlement currency of USD, GBP and JPY. Customers pay in CNY, but the transaction is settled in corresponding foreign currency.






Data is encrypted by SSL Transfer
Protocol to avoid data being leaked during transmission.

Stable & Efficient

We've partnered with IBC and Vitesse PSP to ensure stability and security for merchants and customers.


Supports USD, GBP and JPY. Competitive transaction rates and clearing cycles.

Marketing Service

Diverse promotion activities like lucky money,e-menberships and coupons. WeChat Official Account and Alipay discovery ads.

Big Data

We have a variety of data models to ensure merchants are capitalizing on every marketing strategy available.

Customization Service

GlobePay provides customizable solutions to suit every business.

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